I have known Danny for years, and he is truly an artist. He did the landscaping/revision on our MAJOR house addition project, and I can say without reservation Danny (and his crew) single-handedly saved the entire project. I would love for anyone reading this to actually see this project (if it is possible I give permission for the pictures of my project to be linked to this review). Danny has an artistic vision, and can see landscaping possiblities or opportunities that are truly amazing. He is honest, and if something is beyond his scope or expertise, he will quickly admit it and then give you the name of someone who can assist: this happened a few times on this remodel, and anyone Danny recommended turned out to be as good, honest, and effective as him. Throughout this remodel project, ALL of our other construction subs took longer than promised and cost WAY more than bid– the only exception here was Danny, who spent an inordinate amount of time fixing the others’ errors and mis-steps. I truly admire his vision, a I applaud his work ethic, and I value his honesty. If I can give any further information I would be happy to do so, for anyone considering any kind of landscaping project…but just to warn you, I will be full of effusive praise for Danny Carroll and his team. They rock.

Matthew Concannon MD