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Asked Questions

Are you expensive?

No, we have very competitive rates especially when you consider what you will be purchasing. And, relative to the quality and skill involved in our work, we are priced accordingly.

How can I trust I'll be happy with your work?

Google us, Facebook us, and peruse our outstanding reviews here, here, and here. Also, please browse through the gallery. These images are all projects that we did.

Do you charge for designs, estimates or consultations?

We do charge for on-site consultations and project designs -which are necessary when creating accurate estimates for complex projects. On-site consultations are only $90. General design plans with consultation and scope-of-work estimate start at $225 and up. Once you have purchased the designs, you own them and may do with them as you please!

Will Danny be on site for the project?

Yes, every time. Not every minute of the project’s duration, but every day -several times a day.

What's your booking schedule look like?

We are usually booked pretty solid. All project slots sell out every season. It’s best to book in advance, before the season begins.

Will I need a deposit to book a slot?

Yes, we do need a commitment when booking large, valuable time slots for projects.

Will my final bill be more than the estimate?

It is very common for clients to add items to a project as they see it unfold. So most likely, yes.

Who is the child in the photo, and does he work on your crew?

The child is my beautiful son, Jasper, and he thinks he is helping dad with the equipment. We do not employ child-laborers 😉

Our Work

If we are chosen for your project, you will win, hands-down. We have never failed a mission. We take your dreams, and mix it up with our first-rate service, add sugar, and then it becomes reality. Here are some examples:

What our clients have to say

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