It is a distinct honor and pleasure to express my complete and utter happiness with Danny’s Landscaping. I was in need of a retaining wall and distraught since other businesses refused to address my problem. Danny, however, was eager to accept the challenge and assured me that “we have never failed a mission and do not intend to start with this one.” I was so pleased and relieved that I asked for landscape work in addition to the retaining wall. When Danny sent his estimate he also promised “to deliver the very best experience and extraordinary craftsmanship with our team of great men.” I was not disappointed!
Danny and his dedicated team, Ben and Jason, spent two weeks transforming my failing backyard into a work of art. The retaining wall was built with extreme precision and meticulous workmanship and features an eye-catching staircase. The design, layout and installation of trees, plants, grasses and sod created a very attractive and exquisite transformation from a dull and unusable space to a backyard filled with warmth, joy and sparkle. It is truly a thing of beauty.
I will forever be grateful to Danny and his team for their exceptional work, their tremendous abilities, their kindness and their dedication to a project well done. You guys are amazing!